Scottland Vacation 2015 – Day Trip to Falkirk

At the moment I feel like my life consists of work during the week and recover from work on the weekends. I’ve once again spent like 8-10 hours at sleep Friday and Saturday night and I’m planning to turn in at a reasonable hour today as well. I don’t know what’s up with that. Too many things on my mind, too much worrying about stupid stuff and just…. I don’t know.

At least I’ll get around to post another batch of vacation photos from Scotland, these from my day trip to Falkirk. I bought a ticket for the tourist bus, which is doing a loop, so I stopped by the Falkirk Wheel as well, even though that wasn’t the main goal of the trip. The main goal were the Kelpies! And it was such a cool experience to seem them up close. During the 1h tour you can even step inside one, which was cool in it’s own way. And the tour was very much worth it, so many nice stories and details of the whole project. Fascinating…!

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