[>140] I aced it on a panel tonight….

I was asked to represent our local Green party on a panel debate tonight about climate change and climate action measures and such. I’ve got a cold and a stupid cough and last night I had thought about cancelling it, but I didn’t find anyone to go in my stead.

I felt better today, so I went and I was glad I did, because I think I did a good job representing my party and our ideas and to argue for them. And to smash stupid comments from the other party representatives ;-) I usually don’t like to be in the spotlight and having to argue for or against something (lack of self esteem etc), but on the few occasions I have to do it anyway I’m usually good at it. At least I felt good tonight and I had some great support – argumentative wise – in another panelist, which was pretty cool.

And I hope I won’t start fretting about the tiny things I could have done better later. Like at 2 AM when I can’t sleep ;-) But I’m going to bed quite content with my day today and  that’s worth something, right?

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