It’s One Of Those Days….

The day started with me kind of being productive, doing a tiny bit of chores (like dusting) and grocery shopping and with at least (or once again?) jotting down lists of all the things I need to do or want to do. And then I didn’t really do many of those items on the list. None, to be honest. Not because they were insurmountable or too tedious (some, but not all). Just because I…. I don’t know. Wasted so much time online. Updating my Twitter profile and header image. Caught up with some blog reading. Tweeting and reading tweets. Sorting out my Twitter lists. Listening to Biffy Clyro on Spotify. Just doing…. nothing. Really. I might justify some of that idleness with the fact, that I’m still not quite fit 100%. But most of it it’s just down to me being such a goddamn procrastinator. Or such a lazybones.Or something.

It’s such a nice thing, that we can all start over tomorrow. I’m definitely determined to do better tomorrow. And that’s all that matters. Right? Right… :-)

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