This Simple Kind Of Stuff, No. 10

Lately I every once in a while think “you should really write a blog post about that, usually when I’m getting annoyed, upset or just plain pissed off by other drivers during my commute. And while it might make me feel better for a moment to just just get all that anger and frustration off my chest, I’m not sure I want to hang onto those feelings by putting them in a blog post.

I will focus on the nice moments instead, trying to hang on to those feelings and memories. In random order:

  • Seeing a proud grandfather pushing his grandkid’s stroller
  • Feeling rather productive at work (almost) all day
  • Getting close to a reasonable amount of sleep
  • Lovely farewell party of one of the coworkers in my department. I admit I only knew her by sight and name, but it was just nice to spend an hour with all the nice folks in my department this morning.
  • Spontaneous shopping spree for two new pair of winter boots. Blue seems to be this year’s colour. I don’t mind :-)
  • often enough easily finding a good parking spot
  • seeing snowflakes swirling in the headlights’ beam (I hope I didn’t jinx anything with this statement now… )
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