This Simple Kind Of Stuff, No.11

I’m suffering from a cold. Again. Runny nose, scratchy throat! Ugh! But I don’t want to focus on this, but on the good stuff, which is still happening in my life. Or which I try to see and acknowledge in all the “end-of-the-year” madness at the office. Good things from the past few days and/or today.

  • No rain today! And a nice evening sky with beginning sunset on my drive home from work.
  • Lovely new photos from my goddaughter and her twin sister. They are getting so big!
  • Chocolate
  • A totally lazy weekend and a comfy bed.
  • Finding good chicklit. Fluffy, but not cheesy. Feel-good stuff, that made me laugh and cry and feel all the feelings. First “How To Stuff Up Christmas” (by Rosie Blake) and then the amazing “The Beach Cafe” (by Lucy Diamond). it’s a great read: Easy going “feel-good” stuff, but in a really good way. Just what I needed.  Entertaining, emotional, sexy, funny. And a lovely cast of characters. For some reason it made me remember the lovely times I had at the Grev de Leqc beach, Jersey, Channel Island, even though the cafe there isn’t even that similar to the beach cafe in the book. I’ve already bought the “Christmas at the Beach Cafe” novellas as well, which I will take with me into my comfy bed to think of lovely beaches some more :-)
  • And of course there was the amazing Outlander Season 2 teaser trailer. Finally! And it looks amazing!

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