Just a few thoughts on my first Frank Turner gig in 2016

Really just a few, because there probably will be a longer post after all five gigs at the end of the month. Then less about setlists and such, but more about the people and the atmosphere and everything and the whole experience to do five gigs in almost three weeks. Luckily the remaining four are either on a weekend (this Saturday in Bremen) or I’ll be taking time off (Hamburg, Cologne) at the end of the month. Because I’m defintely too old for  nights like the last one, when I have to get to work in the morning after just 4 hours of sleep.

My friend send me a nice German meme right before the show, it was something like “Now I’m officially *If-I-see-a-gig-at night-I-need-the-next-day-off* years old.” So so true.

Maybe I’ll add to this post later this week, when I’m not so freaking tired. I don’t know. For now just a quick recap:

The support acts Will Varley and Skinny Lister were great, Frank and the guys were great and seemed to have a lot of fun themselves. It’s always such a joy to watch. It was a rather nice set and the audience was going pretty wild behind me. Awesome!

Luckily (and thanks to me gig-buddies who were at the doors early) we got good spots in the front row and I really could get used to this after the nice experience at the Underground in Cologne a few months ago. It’s nice to have the barrier to rest on and to hold on to either to get more leverage to jump or to not get pushed away from the wildly dancing folks in the pit behind me. And it definitely helps during the “sitting down – jumping up” part of Photosynthesis.

We probably all expected Frank to pay tribute to David Bowie that night and he did. Not by playing a Bowie song, but by dedicating “Polaroid Pictures” to him, which was a lovely tribute in my eyes.

Just like last time in Cologne we stood in front of Tarrant and that’s a pretty good spot to be, I think. Maybe because whenever Frank came over to the platform on this side to sing / scream some lines into the audience I felt a like he was screaming those words right at me. Not me, personally, I know. Just the me, who was the random person standing in that spot at that time. But right at me nonetheless. So, yes, definitely a good spot. *insert fangirl squeeeeeeeing here*

I’m very much looking forward to the next gig in four days!

Here are a few photos from my phone. We were not allowed to snap pictures with even the smallest camera. Weird! But the upside was, that I was definitely more present in the moment to enjoy the show and that’s what matters in the end after all, right?



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