Photos – And Not Much More, Really – From My Malta Vacation

There isn’t that much to say about this lovely vacation, I spend on Malta last week. I went there to relax and to sit at the ocean and watch the waves, which I did a plenty, let me tell you. Other plans were to read and listen to music and to the 2nd Outlander audiobook. Not not do much at all. (Ok, I had some plans to be more “productive” with blogs and such, but I never got around to that because my netbook sucked. And there was the ocean *sigh*)

I did two day trips using the public bus, which worked well, even though my resort was quite a way out. Which was the reason I chose it, but that meant it took me a while (over one hour) to get to either ┬áthe capital Valletta or the old capital Mdina. I went there anyway. Valletta felt too crowed to me, so I didn’t spend that much time. Mdina on the other hand, felt like I’ve been thrown back in time. There were a few visitors besides me, but it still often felt like I was the only person exploring a deserted ancient dwelling. Fascinating. Just now I read on Wikipedia that Mdina was used as setting for “Kings Landing” in Game of Thrones. I don’t watch the show, so I have to trust the internet on this one.

Here are tons of photos from the beach and the ocean and the two day trips. Lots of pictures of or inside cathedrals. Fit for this weekend, right ? (Click to enlarge, as usual)

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