Some Jumbled First-Day-of-Vacation Thoughts

The flight down here was fine. It started off at a beautiful sunset in Düsseldorf, it was a rather smooth flight and I had an adorable 4-5 year old boy sitting behind me. He was so excited. They even let him into the cockpit when he entered the flight and his dad took a photo and it was really cute.

From what I could gather of the villages and small cities I’ve passed through on the transfer from airport to resort last night (and from what I can see from my balcony) Malta seems lovely. The buildings reminded me a lot of Sicily or Italy in general. Mediterranian style, I guess. Until you pass through a small shopping area and see M&S, BHS, Costa, Wagamama and some more. LOL I knew I’d feel right “at home” here…

The hotel / resort is huge, which is something I had to get used to, as I’ve never stayed at a place like this before. But I’ve managed allright so far. And the beach is just across the street and there aren’t all that many people down there at this time of the year, so it’s easy to find a quiet place just for myself.

I love the beach. Or the shore, to be more precise. It doesn’t have to be a long stretch of sand. Rocks do it just fine for me as well. All I need is to hear the waves roll in and lap or crash against the shore. To watch out over the water to the horizon. Bliss! Every freaking time! And it’s such a simple thing. But it gives me peace and I’m so glad I’ve decided to come here this spring.

I did pretty well on my “plans” to relax on this first day. I sat at the shore and looked out to the sea. I read. A magazine and some fiction. I listened to music. I colored. (I wanted to give the “coloring as a way to relax” idea a try for a long time. Still on the fence if it works for me *g*) I continued my re-listening of the 2nd Outlander audiobook. (Claire just bumped into You-Know-Who and shit is about to hit the fan.)  I ate scones. With jam and real clotted cream! Yummy!

Even doing “nothing” can be so exhausting. Walking from my room to the restaurant for dinner just now and then from table to buffet a few times and back up to my room were over 600 steps. Did that a few times a day plus walk down to a chosen spot at the beach twice and I’m almost at 11.000 steps today. On what I considered a restful day LOL. I don’t think I have to worry all that much that the “available food all day” aspect of the all inclusive package might make me put on some weight :-)

I was amazed how quickly my mind adjusted to the “wrong-side-of-the-road”-ness and automatically looked out for traffic coming from the right. All the vacation in Scotland and even having driven a car there last summer obviously have been good for something.

There are lots of lovely Outlander things going on at the moment online (how adorable was this “Two truth and one lie” interview) and in London and such and I’m just grateful that in this day and age WiFi is a given at any hotel or resort and I don’t miss out on that fun. Even though I try to not check my phone all that often.

[And yes, of course there were also a few things here that might have bothered or annoyed me a bit. But in the spirit of “letting it go” I have no intention to have those memorized on my blog for all eternity. I’m having a lovely time here all things considered and that’s all that matters.]

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