Vacation Time (More Needed Now Than Ever)

I’ll be leaving for a week (6 days + one morning to be exact) at a beach resort on Malta tomorrow evening. My first ever “All Inclusive at a typical resort hotel” vacation. Today I realized it’s also the first vacation ever where I’m leaving (flying out) in the evening. I haven’t packed a thing yet. I might need to do some emergency ironing tomorrow. I feel a bit unprepared right now, but I also can’t be bothered to make more lists or run around my flat, gathering “to pack” things in piles or stuff. After a long week at work I spent the weekend with my local Greens discussion the Council’s budget and such. And that’s always exhausting, because of all the talking and all the issues and this time I also was bothered by the general negativity of parts of the whole discussion.

I have no idea why the last few weeks (at work and maybe even life) have taken such a toll on me. I felt stressed and overwhelmed more often than I’d liked. I was so exhausted when I got home so many more times than I did at the end of last year. I know only some of it might be due to actually additional work loads. Most of this might have been me stressing out about insignifcant things. Putting to much pressure on my self, expecting too much.

Plans for this vacation always have been and now even more so are to not do that again. To just chill and relax. (Chillax so to speak. I just learned that word recently on Twitter *g*). To try some new stuff to master the art to chill and relax. To read a lot. Magazines, fiction, but also non-fiction from the vast collection of self-help / motivation / medidation books, I’ve gathered over the years. To write some more. Blog posts maybe. But maybe also finally give the “short stories” project a try, which I got inspired to do a few weeks ago. We’ll see. I also plan to get headway on my “Dragonfly in Amber” (Outlander book 2) audiobook revision.

I also might just sit on my balcony and stare into the hills or sit on the beach and stare out to the horizon and do… nothing. And that would be fine to. I really have to make sure I don’t put too much “Relax! Be Creative!” pressure on myself for this vacation either. I don’t know….

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