My First “Mon The Biff” Experience

I admit that Frank Turner’s cover of “Who’s Got A Match” made me aware of Biffy Clyro for the first time. I think I knew of the band’s existence, but I didn’t know any of their songs. Even after they were kind of on my radar, it took me a while to really check them out and I liked what I listened to, but I didn’t follow up with reading up more information on them. Until recently I didn’t even know that two of the three band members were twins ;-)! I do know they all were from Scotland though, which – I admit – is by now part of the attraction for me. I love this accent and to hear it on stage when they introduced songs and such was just lovely. I should go and find some Biffy interviews on YT maybe *g*

I still don’t know a lot of the lyrics, which sucks during a show and which I have to remedy till the next show. Because there will be a next one, I’m sure. I’ll keep my details concert review writing to my Frank Turner shows, I think, but at least I can share some photos from the side of the front row.

Thanks to my friends (and big Biffy fans), who were at the venue early it was easy to get a spot there at the barrier. To rest on or to use as grip to make jumping up and down easier. I don’t know if it was due to the size of the audience (a few thousand) or if the Biffy pit in general is more rowdy than it is at Frank Turner & Sleeping Soul shows. Which these days is my frame of reference in regards to concerts ;-). It might be as I think their music in general is heavier and calls for more pushing and shoving than Frank’s does. But I had the impression they had to pull out a lot more folks from the crowd than I usually see happening at one of Frank’s shows. One girl was obviously unconscious when she was pulled out and she didn’t come around right away when the medics put her on the stretcher close to our end of the barrier which was kind of scary to watch to be honest. I hope she was ok quickly afterwards.

They played a few new songs, from which I liked one quite a lot and I’m still on the fence on the other one. They opened with their new “Wolves of Winter”, which I like okay-ish. Maybe I’ll just have to get used to it. They didn’t play “God & Satan”, which I really would have loved to hear and sing a long. They did play a few of my other favourites though: Bubbles, Biblical, The Captain, Mountains and Who’s Got A Match, of course.

I had a great time and I know I’ll try to catch one of their shows when they come back on tour to promote the album after the festivals in the summer.

Next up on my concert schedule: Mumford & Sons in two weeks. Another first for me. Not in the front row this time though but somewhere up on level 2, I think. I should check my ticket. It was one of the last ones available, so I grabbed it while I could :-)

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