Jumble of Thoughts, May 2016

This is yet another collection of rather random thoughts. I once had a category and titles for these kind of posts. Switched the titles every once in a while, so there wasn’t really a “series”. Not that I kept up with posting these posts on a regular basis anyway.

Back when May was proclaimed “Peak Challenge Month” I kind of declared I wanted to not do a physical challenge, but to practice more mindfulness. I admit I forgot about the Peak Challenge as such as the year progressed and hadn’t planned anything special in that regard for May. Until various posts kept popping up in my Twitter feed (about physical challenges though).

Good thing that at the end of April I had vowed – to myself at least – to use the Calm App every day for the month of May. I started using it at the end of January and every time I do one of these mindfulness meditations I feel calmer and more in tune with myself, if that makes sense. I also realize that I definitely need to practice mindfulness and these meditations more often or at least on a more regular basis, if I want to re-wire my brain, so to speak. I had broken a 20 day streak at the end of April and was a bit pissed at myself, so I was and am determined to do a full 31-streak in May. It may not be the “big mindfulness project” I had envisioned in January, but that’s ok. For me anyway…

Work and local politics, but also fun activities like my Stockholm trip have kept me and my mind constantly busy these past few weeks and it’s been taking a toll on me. On my state of mind anyway and I didn’t like it, which was another reason for this Full month of Calm challenge. I was oversensitive, over-anxious, easily overwhelmed with everything and dealt with most of this with…. procrastinating in every possible form.

I might write a bit more about that in another post I plan for tomorrow. Because recently I’ve also been wondering how to bring some life back to this blog (Like I do every once in a while, as you might remember, if you’ve been around for a while). And I might start with a few “Frank Turner Appreciation Posts” :-). For a long time I’ve had snippets of that in my mind or even jotted down somewhere. Notes for one single post about why he is my favourite artist. Songwriter. Musician. Entertainer… you get the idea. I never got around writing that post, maybe because it felt impossible to express all my appreciation in just one post. That’s why I thought, I’ll just start with writing about separate songs. What I love about them. Why the lyrics resonate with me. I’m not sure I’ll always find the right terms, because I don’t know anything about music as a craft and I’m not sure I remember enough about poetry and stylistic devices from studying it at German and English class in high school. But still.. it seems like a fun challenge to write a few shorter posts about things I like and care about. Let’s just see how that goes…

The first of these posts will be about “Imperfect Tense”, for… well for reasons I might write about in that post :-) But now I need to watch some more “Lucifer”. And get some more sleep. Due to a German holiday on Thursday I got a 4-day weekend and I used a lot of the first two days to catch up on sleep. It’s weekends like these that I realize that I don’t get enough sleep during a normal work week. I still haven’t figured out a good way to change that unfortunately….

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