New gadget

I don’t like taking my netbook with me on vacation these days, becaus it’s old with a wonky Win7 OS. I don’t like typing anything longer than a few words on my tablet’s onscreen keyboard either. Fact is, I suck at typing on a tablet’s keyboard. I’m doing fine on my phone, but that’s different, because I only type tweets or comments on Instagram and of course words in the Google Search. But I would never try two hand touch typing on a phone keyboard :-)

Last year I bought an external small-ish keyboard to use with my tablet, but that’s laborious to use and especially to bring along on each trip as well. I knew I want to blog on vacation in Scotland this year, so I looked into the keyboard issue again.

And I found something pretty neat.


This post is in fact brought to you by this keyboard, my tablet &┬áthe WordPress App :-) I put my phone’s (Samsung Galaxy S4) sleeve next to it as measure of it’s size in folded form. I still have to work out some tiny kinks in my typing: the E needs a bit more pressure as it’s on the fold. On the right side of the keyboard the shift key and the backspace are located a bit out of the usual range of my pinky finger. But besides that…. I love it!

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