I Really Upgraded My Camera Gear…

When I started planning my Scotland vacation I also started considering to finally update my camera. I’ve been using a small point-and-shot camera (Canon Powershot SX 220) for the last couple of years. I never dared to upgrade to a DSLR camera, because those are expensive and have so many features and I don’t know much about photography so it seemed a waste of money.

The Powershot makes good photos, but I still considered buying a new better compact camera before my vacation. Once I started looking into it and read tests and compared models and such I quickly got tempted to spend quite a lot of money on not compact, but a bridge (akak superzoom) camera, as the alternative between a compact and DSLR.

A few days ago I spent almost half of the sum I expect to get as tax refund any time soon on buying the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-1000, because all the reviews I read were full of praise and the higher price compared to other compact cameras seemed worth it.

I studied the most basic instructions last night and still have a lot to learn about using this camera and photography (exposure, aperture, lenses and such) and I’ve already ordered a recommended book which explains a lot about this camera but also photography in general.

But this evening I drove to the edge of the city to snap a few first photos and to try out the various features and settings. It was fun. And the quality of the photos is amazing. (Maybe not in the 800×600 resolution on here, but trust me on this… ;-)

I can’t wait to use this new gadget to snap pictures of the amazing landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and Coast in a few weeks.

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