PT4NP: Positive Things 4 Negative People

The last few days I was in a grumpy mood a lot. About work and life in general, and often enough just grumpy about myself. Which doesn’t really help when you want to overcome your general grumpiness. I tried jotting down a few positive moments every day and was more or less successful with that. This afternoon all of a sudden I thought I might just try to jot them down here in a “Positive Things 4 Negative People” post. Maybe even make that a regular thing. I don’t know. Maybe think of a better word than “things” as well ;-) I tried something similar here (and on Instagram with the #100HappyDays) before and somewhere along the line always ran out of steam.

For all the Not-Frank-Turner-Fans reading this: the title and accronym are inspired (if not to say blatantly copied *g*) from Frank Turner’s 2015 album “Positive Songs For Negative People”, which is reduced to PS4NP on Twitter and elsewhere.

So, here we go…

001: Switching my work computer’s wallpaper to a photo from my Scotland vacation
002: Singing along to Frank Turner songs in my car
003: yummy salad at Vapiano to end a quick after-work shopping trip
004: The first Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life  –  teaser!!
005: Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel chocolate
006: snuggling into new bedlinens (later tonight, but I’m already looking forward to it…)

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