Voyager Re-Read: Chapter 02 + 03

Chapter 02: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 03: Frank and Full Disclosure
in which Claire, Roger and Bree start looking for Jamie in history and we learn more about Claire’s first year in Boston

Chapter 02 is a short one and most of it won’t make it onto the TV screen, because of how season 2 ended. On the show Claire believes Roger right away, when he tells her Jamie survived Culloden and already then she states she needs to get back to him. I wonder if the show at all will address that Jamie still might have died in the mean time or that they might not find out more about him. The drive to find out more about him starts the whole treasure hunt through history, so it’s going to be interesting to see how they will set that one up on the show.

Part of Chapter 03 already made it to into the show – Claire’s time in the hospital after she came back to the 1949. Another flashback is about her first few months in Boston, dealing with motherhood and how to keep the marriage to Frank going. I’m sure we will see something like that on the show at some point in the first few episodes, not necessarily exactly the way it’s described in the book. Either way it means: 1949/1950 Boston. It’s going to be fun to see what Terry and her costume department and Garry with his production design will come up with for that. He is building various two-storey sets so I guess one of those might be the Randall’s house in Boston.

I’m wondering how much of Fiona in the 1968 storyline we will actually see in season 3. Her part from book 2 has been cut so much, so I guess she won’t play such a vital part in book 3 either, but that makes me wonder about her role much further down the line, not to spoil it for anyone. I guess the TV show can and will work around that, but I might have to think a bit more about her part in the whole story.

In the book Brianna discovers the story of the Dunbunnet and the Leap of the Cask legend and that’s one thing they have to include surely to set up Jamie’s seven years at Lallybroch. The cave will be another set they need to build, but I bet that’s going to be an easy one.

I’m jumping ahead now (can’t help it) and wonder if they will actually have two actors play Fergus in Voyager, one for the 16 year old in 1752 and another one for the grown-up 30 year old in 1766.

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