Farewell Game for a Great Hockey Player

Just a quick post to share some of my photos from a lovely hockey event yesterday. I have to admit that supporting my hockey team – the Cologne Sharks – has moved down a bit on my list of priorities. I still follow their news and games and such, but with a bit less enthusiasm as I used to only a couple of years ago. No idea why that is…. :-/

Anyway, when the last season ended in the spring our defense player Mirko Lüdemann retired. At the age of 42 after having played 23 years. For the same team! If you know a bit about hockey or any physical sport like it, you have an idea how amazing that career was. For the farewell game a lot of previous team mates came back to Cologne to share that moment and it was a lot of fun. There was a autograph signing before the game and my friend and I got lucky that we entered the venue very close to the tables where the two players we mostly wanted to see again were seated. So we walked by, collected our autographs, snapped some photos, chatted a bit. It was lovely.

Before the game there were the usual speeches, presents, ceremonies and I didn’t really shed that many tears. I “had something in my eyes” for a few moments though ;-) But seriously, it was a lovely and fun afternoon in Cologne.

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