Photos from the Sculpture Park

It’s been an exhausting week. Mostly because of the heat wave that had hit Germany till Thursday (over 30 °C) and in parts also because of work stuff. I’ve spend most of my evenings and even most of today lazy at home, procrastinating. The things I’m so good at *sigh*

Last Sunday I went out to take some photos in a sculpture park in my area. Today I splurged on an upgrade for my old gallery plugin here, because the new one I had used these last few weeks didn’t feel right after all. Especially if I plan to take and share more photos in the future.

I can already see myself overhauling all my galleries and present them in a neater way. Procrastination galore!

Default Gallery Type Template

This is the default gallery type template, located in:

If you're seeing this, it's because the gallery type you selected has not provided a template of it's own.

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