Ten Things I Learned Today…

01. There is more than one Richard-Armitage(-in-North&South)-Fan-turned-novelist, who writes lovely books. The first one is Phillipa Ashley and in an impromptu Twitter chat with her two days ago she mentioned some of her fellows.

I’ve started Hazel Osmond’s “The Mysterious Miss Mayhew” this morning and I’m very much enjoying it. This post is a nod to this novel. Read it yourself, if you want to know why ;-)

02. There is a lovely sculpture park in a wooded area not too far away from where I live. I have no idea, why I didn’t know about that until recently. I drove over there this afternoon on a rather impromptu “I need to get out of my flat and do something” trip. And it was so worth it.

03. You can put up “Please don’t touch the sculptures” signs everywhere. People still ignore them. *sigh*

04. I’ve obviously put off scrubbing down my shower for a good reason ;-) Feeling quite sore after finishing that chore.

05. You can’t binge watch “Gilmore Girls” too many times.

06. As much as I love the phrase “Oy, with the poodles already”, it’s time to admit to myself, that I will never see myself using it.

07. Compiling a blog post with a lot of photos always takes longer than planned.

08. If there is a choice between finishing a blog post or continue reading a book, the book usually wins.

09. There can hardly ever be too much chocolate.

10. It’s difficult to come up with ten things you’ve learned on a lovely, but rather ordinary Sunday.

Ending this post with a preview of my sculpture park photos…

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