Jumble of Thoughts – Christmas 2016 Edition

I changed some things around my blog. Again. I don’t even have a clear idea why. Maybe because I want to start writing more and hope that a design overhaul might motivate me a bit more? Maybe it’s just another way of procrastination. A bit of both probably…

I’m so glad I’ve got time off work until the new year. The last few weeks were really dragging me down for some reason. There was a lot to do before the end of the year. But I was feeling so tired and exhausted quite often. Which both led to me often feeling overwhelmed and thus paralysed by all the things to do. A never ending cycle, which I hope to break with getting enough rest until I start work again on the 3rd.

There also has been other stuff weighing on my mind, but I might get into that a bit more in a separate post about My Peak Challenge 2017. I did sign up for MPC in 2016, but didn’t get all that far with my “mindfulness challenge”, which is kind of frustrating in retrospect. But… I can do better next year, right?

There are a few more small blog posts in the making, in my mind at least. I need to snap the right “feature image” photos for them first though. Which might just be another way of procrastination. I’m such a wreck in that regard. By the end of this year more than ever, I’m afraid.

And to be honest, this here probably is just a test post to check how the “new” blog works for me. Sorry :-)

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