Day 0 of My Peak Challenge 2017

My Peak Challenge hasn’t even officially started yet, but I’m trying to get into the right mood and mindset for my challenges already. Yay me! I’ve only spent a few moments in the Facebook Group though and felt overwhelmed quickly once again, because there is such a constant stream of new posts. I hope I will find a way to navigate it all sensibly. Looking forward to the various healthy meals and recipes though.

Anyway, I did do the “Daily Calm” this morning and went for a walk this afternoon, because it was still so lovely. Instead of doing the easy walk on even plain, I opted to take a route up a hillside to make it a bit more taxing. I also wrote about 300 words for that story, I’ve finally started working on. Disrupted by too many worrisome and doubting thoughts. The biggest challenge might in fact be to not let this nagging “you can’t do it so why do you even try?!?” voice in my mind get the upper hand.

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