Happy New Year

In case you’re wondering, the photo above is not a current one, but from 2010.

Yesterday – which feels strange to write in the early hours of a new year ;-) – I thought about writing a long-ish post about why 2016 was a weird year for me and about all the things that didn’t go as planned and how frustrated I was with myself way too often and all the things I didn’t do and…

But then I thought, screw that! What’s the point in looking  back on all the bad things that happened or the things I *think* went wrong? A lot of that stuff is just in my mind anyway, I’m afraid.

And a lot of great moments happened in 2016 for me as well.

I turned fully fledged Frank Turner fangirl – yes even more than before – and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I had an amazing time in Scotland; not just once, but twice. I spent so many lovely moments with my goddaughter(s) and dear friends; old ones and new ones and with my family as well. I read a lot of nice books, watched a lot of great TV shows or movies, and also ballet and musicals and theatre. I’m healthy (except for the MS, of course, but it’s not bothering me too much at the moment). My loved ones are healthy. I’ve got a good job with really nice co-workers. I don’t have any money troubles. I can afford a lot of nice things and afford to do nice things, like travelling, whether it is to see a Frank Turner show or just to go on a vacation in general.

Life is good. And I’m determined to make it even better this year.

So, come on 2017, bring it… ;-)

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  1. I know it sounds simplistic but I think we’re better to look on the bright side, to note all the good, positive things that happen to us. I’m working on a round-up blog post of the new, exciting things I did this year, and yes, it does include Frank Turner!

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