More Photos & Stories from the German Outlander Gathering, March 2017

The next Movie/TV Fan Convention I’m going to visit is right around the corner – MagicCon – and it’s about time to at least share the rest of the photos I took during the German Outlander Gathering a couple of weeks ago. There were other guest beside Richard Rankin after all. Here are a bunch of my pictures followed by some of the stories they told during their panels. There were a lot more of course, but similar to my post about Richard, I might focus on the stories prompted by my question (and a few more) because this post would never end otherwise.

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I didn’t have any question for Stephen or Laurence in their solo panels. Rosie and Laurence had one panel together during which I asked if they had to have a “chemistry test” with each other, but they hadn’t. One of them said “The producers probably thought ‘Let’s just hope for the best'” ;-)

I also asked Rosie if this was her first period piece of television/movie, which it hasn’t been. She said, she enjoys doing period pieces and loved the Outlander costumes, even though they took a long time to get on and the corsets made it hard to breath. I think in that regard she also told a funny story how at one of the locations they had been filming, there was kind of a outdoor playpark and how she went down a slide in only the nightshift costume (and bruised and scratched her naked legs).

I had forgotten that Rosie was in the “Heart of Lightness” movie with Sam, which they filmed in the summer of 2013 in Norway after Sam was officially cast as Jamie. He obviously was reading the 2nd Outlander book while filming there and already back then had said something like: “If we’re getting a 2nd season, there would be a great role for you, Rosie.” Lovely how that turned out, right? Another lovely story was, that Rosie’s nan is fan of the TV show (or even the books before?) and was very proud when she learned that her granddaughter would be part of it. So proud that Rosie “was paraded around” the senior residence where her nan is living ;-)

On Sunday Steven Cree joined the Gathering and he was lots of fun! During the photo shoot and the autograph sessions and the panels of course. Or when he “crashed” our M&G with Richard for a bit in the beginning. And if you’re wondering if Steven is as naughty in real life as he is on Twitter, I can assure you: Oh yes, he definitely is! LOL

After having read this tweet the week before the event, I had planned to ask him about it

After the wonderful M&G with Richard I was still on a high, so I had the guts to actually ask Steven how exactly he had planned to play naked Twister with all of us. His reply: “Oh, we already played it. Scot lost. Sorry, you missed it.” LOL When it looked like not many other people wanted to ask another question I raised my hand again and before I could speak Steven said: “It’s you again. I’ve got a question for you, too.” I gulped and probably blanched, because like I wrote above: Steven Cree = Mr. Naughty. I managed to reply: “Ok, but may I ask my question first?” Which I was allowed to and luckily Steven forgot all about his question to me. If he even had one to begin with.

I asked him about “Heughan Talks”: what inspired him to do those funny little clips and if he might be doing some more at some point. He explained that it all got started, basically because he had time to kill one set some day and he was rather vague about more episodes. If I remember it correctly. [To be honest I had to look up another report about the Gathering to even remember which my 2nd question to Steven had been *headdesk*].

Asking two questions during the panel obviously made me memorable, because when I stepped up to Steven’s table at the autograph session later, he greeted me with “You asked all the questions!” to which I only replied: “Well, I didn’t want you to get bored on stage.” Cheeky, I know, but I was sure he could take it. We chatted some more at that point, but for the love of God, I can’t remember what about. I really should jot down my notes right after such an event. Next time! Anyway, I came back with a lovely autograph from that encounter. No idea if Steven wanted to oust Richard with this, but I love it. Love, love, love it in fact :-)


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