Photos From Brighton And Beyond…

It’s about time I share some – ok, quite a lot, actually – photos from my vacation in Brighton last month. I knew I needed a few days to relax and recharge after the Lost Evenings in London, so I had booked a few days at the sea. And all in all, it had been quite lovely. Except for the weather. Which was kind of typical British, maybe, with lots of rain. Because of the rain I didn’t do as much sightseeing as I had hoped to and I’m too lazy to tag all the photos with the proper names of what is what.

I spend most of my time at the promenade, beach and pier, that’s why there are lot of photos from there. And the remains of the old pier, photos of and from the BA i360 obeservation tower, a few pics from the historic district “The Lanes” and of the Royal Pavilion and some from my lovely day trip out to the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters.

[Click to enlarge, as usual…]

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