My MPC Month 3, Week 3

I just realized that the title of this post might seem like I’m done with week 3 and thus am more or less on schedule, as I started the workout month on three weeks on 1 July. But… of course I got off the rails again even in week one and week two and… I’m beyond help it seems, when it comes to consistency with my workouts. I’d love to be able to blame a stressful job or a stressful life with lots of other stuff I have to do. But the latter isn’t the really case and even though my job has been busy at times recently, the reasons I take these days off is more or less due to me being lazy. Sad, but true. 

Or maybe not even lazy as such, more of being sluggish. When I get home after a long day at work and errands I often feel too tired and can’t get motivated to get into my workout gear and exercise. The couch and DVDs or Netflix are calling! ;-) After a few more of these days where I was lazy and then felt guilty for being lazy, I decided to give working out in the mornings a try. And even though I’m so not a morning person and even though it was hard to get up and get motivated and even though I slipped at least once and postponed a workout, I still think this is the way I need to do this. At least during the week, because it’s blatantly obvious that I lack the discipline to exercise after I get home from work.

To be fair, I still was kind of active on the days I took off and that’s the thing that makes me feel like I’m not a complete failure. And today I was even extra active and did a one-hour-hike in the morning (to test some more of the new clothes I bought for hiking in Scotland) and the M3W3D2 workout in the evening. Go Me!  I’m keeping up or am even improving with the number of reps during the weights workouts and slowly but surely manage longer intervals at my planking, so I’m doing fine! Baby steps! But steps forward and that’s all that matters.

Most important revelation of these past two weeks: Not just with (some) early morning workouts, but with every workout I need to remember how good I actually feel afterwards. For accomplishing the workout, but also just feeling good in general. I know it’s only my brain’s bio-chemical reaction to all the adrenaline in my blood, but that doesn’t change that fact, that it does feel gooood! Now my brain only needs to remember it…

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