Photos from my 25th Frank Turner Show

This photo collection (from my new-ish phone) is some sort of proxy for at least two different posts I plan to write in the (near) future.

1.  The almost mandatory detailed concert (and everything around it) recap of my latest (25th!!!) Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls show, which I went to last night, Sunday 6 August 2017.

[Edit: I took me 77 days to write it. It’s here and include the photos now]

2. The more difficult post to write will be about how Frank’s music, his words, his shows and everything about him and what he does and how he does it has influenced my life in the last four years. Because I still haven’t figured out how much of the small and/or big changes in my life I really can or even want to ascribe to the whole “being a Frank Turner fan” part of my life. To the things I’ve done. The places I’ve travelled. The people I’ve met. And then of course at the core of it it all: To the art and the artist himself. It’s complicated to put that into words without making it to awkward for him and me, in case Frank ever stumbles across this (planned) post ;-) But I’ll work on it!

[I wrote that one too. Didn’t take me too long] 


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