My MPC Month 5, Week 1 – Slacking and New Motivation

When I came back from Scotland last week, I was quite motivated to keep going with my MPC journey and to start with Month 5. And I did do the Day 1 and 2 exercises quite motivated last weekend. Monday was a day off from work and I was busy with errands, which I could count as Active Recovery Day. Tuesday was a public holiday and it was supposed to be my Day 4 with some interval weight exercise, but for some reason I just couldn’t get motivated. And from there the week was kind of a slippery slope in regards to MPC discipline and exercise. At least I went for a run that day and was determined to do the Day 4 exercise early Wednesday morning. That didn’t happen. I did those on Thursday morning and thus was already two days behind schedule. There was another busy and exhausting day at work and the fact that the days get shorter and that the weather sucks here at the moment and I quickly turned into a lazy, tired, grumpy being. Not a Peaker. Not even a shadow of one…

I don’t know how other people do it. Well, in a way I do know of course, they don’t procrastinate like crazy and they have much more discipline. They probably also don’t diminish a complete 100g chocolate bar in the span of a day. And that didn’t happen just just once, I’m afraid :-( I still hadn’t figured out how to get back on the horse and to stop feeling guilty and being mad at myself for turning into a slacker so quickly, when yesterday afternoon / evening all those wonderful pictures of Sam Heughan at the French Outlander Con appeared in my timeline.


I have no idea why seeing a handsome, fit, healthy, happy Sam changed things for me. He always looks fit and healthy. He very often looks happy (at least in public). He’s always been handsome, even though to me at these past few public events he looks even better hotter than he ever did before. But maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I have no idea why seeing these recent photos made me more motivated all of a sudden. It’s not like I’m doing this whole fitness regime to impress him. Honestly, I don’t.

Maybe I thought of how he (obviously) finds the time and motivation to work out regularly even with his insanely packed schedule and how easy in contrast it would be for me to find time for a workout? Maybe I thought that being more active might help me feel relaxed and happier in the long run. If that’s even one of Sam’s “secrets” for his kind and friendly and happy personality. I have no idea. What I do know is, that when I saw these photos I felt even worse for having been such a slacker these past few days. Maybe because I know how much MPC means to Sam and how incredible it actually is, that he helped setting up this program, which in return has helped me a lot these past nine months in getting fitter and losing weight. Maybe because I’m really grateful to MPC for getting me to be more active all in all. Maybe because I felt like I owe him and I felt bad for not paying him back with making the most of the program and all it’s opportunities. So yes, maybe I want to impress him a bit after all :-). Even though he will never know, because he doesn’t know me.

Still… This evening I did the last workout for week 1. Four days later than actually planned, but at least I did it and I didn’t give into the voice in my mind telling me “Just forget it for now and start over with Month 5 when you’re in a better headspace”. Because giving into that line of thinking had cost me the many months I needed to complete month 3 this summer. I was dreading the side-planks, because they are my “Achilles heel”  and I was afraid after my almost 5 weeks break (3 week vacation and stuff) between Month 4 and 5 I would have a hard time with it. But according to my logs I managed the side planks much better than I did 5 weeks ago, which honestly blew my mind a bit.

And just to make sure I don’t start slacking (too) soon again, I decided to turn my phone background into the motivational image I had used at the start of MPC in January. Maybe I should have never switched it for an image of some Scotland landscape or Frank Turner on stage, as much as I love Scotland and Frank :-)


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