My Thoughts on the Murder of Music Fans in Vegas

During my time in Scotland I once again came up with various ideas to write about here in this small online home of mine besides sharing photos from my vacation. I hopefully have enough motivation left during the next few days or weeks to actually follow through with some of the ideas and drafts. I had not planned to start my “Blog More” month with having to write about another horrible attack on music fans :-(

When I yesterday heard the news coming in from Las Vegas all through the day, I experienced so many different emotions. Sadness most of all for all the lives lost and lives changed by this tragic event. Incredulity that the USA still hasn’t managed to prevent these horrible attacks on human lives. Rage about the fact that the USA still hasn’t managed to prevent these horrible attacks on human lives. Wariness if they will ever find a solution to this gun / 2nd amendment mess they’ve created for themselves.

As a German living in Germany I honestly still can’t wrap my head around how you live in a society where guns are so prevalent in every-day-life. I can’t imagine living in a society, where I have to expect a gun in almost flat, house, shop or building I enter. In almost every car I drive next to on the street. Yes, I know many, many gun owners are responsible gun owners. But still… people snap. Kids are curious. Accidents happen. And I haven’t even talked about (semi-)automatic guns. Who on earth needs to own these? NO ONE! *sigh*

Almost two years ago (November 2015) Islamist terrorist attacked a rock concert in Paris and I wrote a post about why this attack shocked me more than other and sadly enough all of what I wrote back then still applies now. I mourn for the lives lost. I feel deeply for the almost 600 injured and I hope they will recover and pull through.  But my thoughts are also with all the others, who might not have been physically injured, but who must be so traumatized, that an evening which was supposed to be a happy night, filled with music and fun and friends, turned into such a nightmare.

And now I’m going to just quote or more exact copy & past [redacted] parts of the old post after all, because I have no idea how to express it any better two years later. I just HATE that this happened again to so many people.

“Because I love going to concerts. I might not do it all that often any more, besides travelling all over to see Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls in the past four years. I know, I have written endlessly here about how much I love his music. How important his tunes and his lyrics are to me. How much I love their shows, because they are always so much fun and they let me forget about the annoyances of my ordinary life every once in a while.

I remember how excitedly I always look forward to a show and how many happy memories I have all of the Frank Turner shows I’ve been to. How much these happy memories of the shows or moments with Frank after a show help to cheer me up in darker times. How excitedly I’m always looking forward to the next gig.

And then I imagine my counterparts among the country music fans in Las Vegas. The fans who were looking forward to some of their favourite bands on stage. The fans who were having the best time singing and dancing until the horror started. Until they heard machine-gun fire behind them. Until they started to panic. Until they heard the screams of those wounded or dying. Until they were killed themselves or got wounded. Until they saw their friends dying. Until they tried to get the hell out of there and had to scramble over dead bodies or dying people to do so. And all just because they wanted to see a band they like play a concert. IT’S SUCH A NIGHTMARE.

“Oh, I can imagine” is a phrase often uttered to easily, but for me it’s so hard to really imagine what those people must have gone through and what they must have felt like and how they still must feel and probably feel for a long time.

It’s so devastating to think about what all those have lost last night. Some have lost their lives. Some probably have lost their health. All of them have lost some of their innocence. They might have nightmares and PTSD and I don’t think anyone who was there will ever forget the horrors of that night. There are no happy concert memories to lift them up in darker times. Just the opposite. And thus these events might also have ruined their favourite music for them too.

I don’t care if this sounds shallow or weird now. But for someone like me – who often uses music and concert memories to feel better and to cheer me up in sad times – the fact, that among all the physical and mental trauma these people have suffered, they might have also “lost their music”, just breaks my heart.

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