A Few Photos From A Light Festvial

I’m a lazy blogger so instead of doing two seperate posts I might slip some random (jumbled) thoughts into this post. Sue me. 

I’ve been a hardcore procrastinator these past few days. At least that’s what it feels like. It seems time off over Christmas and New Year always brings out the worst in me in that regard. For instance I spent way too much time watching old Frank Turner clips on Youtube yesterday and the day before ;-). 

I did start with some MPC workout routine again though – repeating the last month I had finished (M5), which in itself is quite the achievement for me after having been so lazy for the last few weeks. When I woke up this morning I was quite sore, and right away decided to postpone the 2nd workout for another day. Slipping right into the slacking mode *sigh*. But… then Valbo posted a video of the coaches working out

and that appealled to my guilty conscience and I did my M5W1D2 workout tonight. And I’m going to be so so sore tomorrow ;-) 

I hope to get my act together to at least write one last blog post about the whole MPC experience this year. Keeping myself accountable for all the challenges I set out to accomplish a year ago. Spoiler alert: I did great in one, okayish in some, failed in others. But that’s life, right? Before I write this post I need to get in the right “give myself enough credit” mode though, because I’m afraid I’ll otherwise be too hard on myself. We’ll see.

At least some of my procrastination found some creative outlet. In the way that I started to learn more about the various settings on my camera again. I had to have it repaired and of course they set back all settings.  Last night I went to the “Winterleuchten” Light Festival and spend some time trying out various settings and learning by doing. I took about 40 photos and only these six turned out good enough to share. But that’s ok. I’m still a rookie with my camera.  

Click to see photos in full screen mode, please!
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