The Simple Kind of Stuff – Week 6 + 7, 2018 (Special Frank Turner Edition)

After a lovely, relaxing week in the sun, real life grabbed me back full force *sigh* Trying to jot down lovely tiny moments does help with keeping perspective. Either in the tragedy of global events or just the mayhem of work and even more the mayhem of my sometimes overly anxious mind.

  • A few very much needed relaxing days in the sun. Sleep, rest, read, sit at the beach, walk, eat… Repeat.
  • Lots and lots of reading. Regency romance novels.
  • A new audiobook narrated by Richard Armitage. A sexy one this time. Woah…
  • Lovely times and chats with my coworkers
  • More moments where I feel mostly productive at work and not just floundering
  • Not giving into the impulse to skip a meeting
  • Planning my Frank Turner Tour travel for November
  • Sun & blue sky
  • more daylight… if not in hours yet, at least in minutes
  • I’ll be able to see a Felix Hagan and the Family (support) gig in May
  • The Arkells are going to the Olympics
  • Starting My Peak Challenge 2018 – feeling sore, but accomplished!
  • Getting enough sleep
  • being sort of on top of my weekend houshold chores
  • Frank Turner’s DJ Set in Cologne on Saturday Night

This last one might need some more explanation. Or it doesn’t really, but I don’t want to do another short fangirly post about it, so I’ll include it here. Some of my family and coworkers looked at me a bit sceptical when I told them of my plans for Saturday night (drive 45 minutes to watch Frank be a DJ for a bit?) and sent out a slight “you’re a groupie / weirdo” vibe. Or maybe it’s just my messed up self-esteem that perceived that vibe. I try not to care, because I know I shouldn’t. I had fun last night as I knew I would. And if other people think it’s weird that I’m spending time and money (and sleep) on watching someone push some buttons on his laptop and/or the mixer and maybe interact with the crowd in some way, that’s their problem.

I like Frank. In a lot of ways I think he’s inspiring. As an artist and as a person. And I like watching him do stuff. Put like that it sounds like I’m a stalker. I am not! I’m talking about any professional capacity here, including a stage setup and me as part of the audience. Of course I don’t mind talking to him afterwards either and I wouldn’t mind talking to him a bit more in general, but I know my role in this social context. But I digress… Part of the reason why I like watching him do stuff is, that he always seems to enjoy what he’s doing. And more importantly that he never seems to give a fuck about what other people might think of the way he’s doing what he is doing in that moment. I’m often the complete opposite. I worry way too much about what others might think of me. The fact that I perceive my coworkers reaction as a “you’re a weirdo” vibe is a good exhibit of that. And that’s why last night was a good reminder of what I wrote about comfort zones and confidence last May.

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