Wrench In My MPC Plans

This week I started over with MPC 2018 M1W1D1+2 after I had given up on my first attempt a few weeks ago (busy at work, having a cold etc). I felt good & was determined to keep going on the weekend. But a bruised right elbow stops that for now. The weird thing is I only vaguely remember having bumped my elbow into something yesterday. And that vague memory even needed to be triggered by my doctor asking questions.

The elbow hurt all day and after having to shift gears in my car home from work was so painful, I had my GP look at it today just to be on the safe side. Her first suspicion was “tennis elbow”, which was what Dr Google had guessed as well :-), but there was a lack of further symptoms for that kind of injury. And I’m a lefty after all. Thus my doctor examined it further and there is some swelling and she was pretty sure there was a bruise forming. She circled the red area and told me to get to the ER and have it checked out if it gets any bigger or the swelling gets worse on the weekend. Because then it might be some other kind injury below the surface. And just keep it rested and iced and take some Ibuprofen for the pain.

So no working out this weekend. No chores probably either, even though I really need to do some. My flat is a mess. But tonight I’ll spend lazy in front of my TV and keep the elbow iced and rested just like the doctor ordered…

[I wrote this post with the help of Google Speech Recognition and a lot of editing, which is a pain in the ass. There is a reason I prefer writing to talking :-)]

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