The Simple Kind of Stuff – Week 14-16, 2018

I’ve brought a stupid cold back from an otherwise lovely trip to Manchester. Stayed home from work on Friday and spend most of the sunny weekend indoors, in bed or on my couch, coughing, sniffling, feeling crummy and a bit sorry for myself. Enough of that for now… I realize I sucked at jotting down the good, little things over the past few days. Will definitely try to do better from now on

  • lovely birthday celebration at work for a co-worker’s 50th
  • my mum got back from hospital
  • nice long walk to an old railway bridge on a sunny Sunday 
  • catching up with friends
  • yummy vegan chili before a concert
  • An amazing Will Varley & Sean McGowan gig & chatting with the guys afterwards
  • a wonderful, fun-filled weekend in Manchester with lovely company and
    • a great Frank Turner & Sleeping Souls gig with…
    • Tarrant singing on stage!
    • a cool Frank Turner DJ Set afterwards
    • yummy vegetarian food
    • a special insider tour ;-) of Bramall Hall and Hatworks in Stockport
  • an important work event went well
  • co-workers who show concern for my state of health (see that stupid cold, mentioned above)
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