The Simple Kind of Stuff – Week 17, 2018

I’m including the first two days of week 18 in this as well and maybe I’ll do this just mid-month and at the end of the months from now on. We’ll see…

  • I was getting over this stupid cold (chest infection, sinusitis…)
  • all the nice wishes for my birthday from people off- and online
  • being able to laugh with my co-workers
  • colouring and being artsy in other ways
  • stopping for some yummy food while running errands
  • a long weekend off (due to a public holiday)
  • sleep
  • starting again with a My Peak Challenge workout routine. I didn’t really finish month 1, but am confident about month 2 (for now anyway)
  • Buying tickets for Frank Turner gigs in 2019 ;-)
  • a lovely day at an Industrial Heritage Site
  • “Little Changes”
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