Back To Blogging… Maybe?

What ever happened to the inner glow?
What ever happened to the song, the soul, the me, I used to know?

(Inner Glow ~ Blue October, 2003)

*taps mic*

“Is this thing on?”

Well, obviously. At least it’s still here. I’ve been neglecting this place for a while now. For quite a long time to be honest. I checked Twitter during a lull at work today and saw Sam Heughan’s tweet about his “Casting Anniversary” on this day five years ago. I remembered I had written about that on that day in 2013, so I looked up that post on my archive. I was way more chatty back then. About a lot of things. Random everyday stuff, but still. I don’t know when I stopped using this blog to archive events or thoughts or just anything from my life. I don’t like it though, so I will try to change that. 

These past few weeks I’ve adopted a rather annoying habit of trying out new creative outlets and then quickly aborting them. Not just for weeks, maybe even for months. I don’t know exactly what brought that on. I’ve been more hesitant to share or write any thing, because I started to worry too much about if anyone would be interested in my random musings about anything. I don’t remember worrying that much about how what I’m writing here is perceived or if it is even read, when I started this blog many moons ago. I will try to get back into that mind space of just writing whatever I want to. Just because I want to write and because even just now while I type this I realize how it helps myself to process some stuff. This blog has always been a bit of self-therapy after all, so why not just get back to that? 

I’ve also been procrastinating even more than I usually do. Another thing I don’t like about me. I’ve been slacking with “My Peak Challenge” workouts as well…. All in all, I’ve not been my best self. Work was busy and overwhelming for a while and in a way still is, even though I don’t know how much of that feeling is self inflicted. Is work overwhelming or do I just feel overwhelmed by it for whatever reasons?

Anyway, I’m determined to use the craft or art or whatever label you want to attach to the process of “writing” as my creative outlet more often again in the future. At least I know that I’m not too bad at it and more important that it is good for me and my state of mind. At least it feels that way right now.

I have no idea what I will actually write about, but that hasn’t stopped me in the (distant) past either. 

The next post most probably will mostly be photos I took at a firework two weeks ago. And after that… we’ll see.

[Here is a link to the song “Inner Glow” I quote above, by the way. It came up on my car playlist this morning and obviously prompted this post.]

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