Just Another Lazy Sunday…

After an extremely busy week at work I was determined to spend a very lazy, very low key day at home. It does help that it’s pouring down non-stop outside.

My day starts after 8 hours of sleep. Not as much as I had hoped, but lounging in bed for another 90 minutes, catching up with Twitter, Instagram, news sites and digital newspapers does help a bit to still feel relaxed.

I successfully ignore the chaotic mess on my kitchen table (and on my desk, my living room table and basically everywhere) when I prepare some breakfast and a large pot of coffee. The next few hours I spend on my couch in front of my TV. I’m close to finishing my umpteenth rerun of the Gilmore Girls. I also remember that I wanted to give the 4th season of Mozart in the Jungle another chance and actually start to enjoy it again. While watching these shows I’m also colouring a bit in some of the maritime templates I bought months ago. And once again ask myself why I stopped doing that because it is relaxing and calming. To me anyway.

It also keeps my mind away from worrying too much about a disagreement I had with a colleague this week about some stuff. I probably take these things too personal. I know I do. But this one in fact bothered me more than others and I haven’t quite figured out how do deal with that. Not just with this colleague but with my reaction to this disagreement.

In the afternoon I boot up my computer for the first time this week, I think. Catching up with some emails and purchasing some items (which I hate doing via my phone only).  Like a My Peak Challenge hoodie. A ticket to a gig next week. And some pizza from the new (old) pizza delivery service. Domino’s has taken over another franchise here (Hallo Pizza) and I’m not sure I like their website. And prices. I think the old delivery service was a bit cheaper. Let’s just hope the pizza’s still the same. Or at least similar.

Around 4:30 I finally get around to doing some of the most basic tasks of cleaning my apartment. I’m still down to only 1.150 steps at that point, which I totally consider an achievement in my “lazy, low key Sunday” plan ;-) I also manage to do a kind of scrapbook thing for my Munro Step Challenge. 13 down, 7 more to go.

Unfortunately the new pizza service isn’t as good as the old one, which makes me a bit sad. I might have to get back to ordering pizza in one of the classic Italian restaurants or delivery services. By calling them on the phone. How very old school.

Besides this lame-o journaling post I start writing another one: the “Transformation Tuesday” post (it’s a My Peak Challenge kind of thing) I had planned to write for ages. I think about mixing it up with the – also planned for ages – recap of my hikes in Wales. In the evening I realize that’s probably a bad idea and when I just now go back to my computer to send a special photo to my phone so I can Instagram it, I start writing that recap. And sorting through my photos of the hikes. Yes, my mind sometimes (often actually) operates scattered like that. I probably could get that post finished tonight, but that would take some more focused work in front of this screen and I’m not sure I’m up for that this evening. One post (this one) written and another one about 70% done, is enough blog work for tonight. The hiking post won’t be published before Thursday probably, because I’m actually out all of the next three evenings and thus won’t have time to finish it and post it.

Thinking of the busy days ahead I know that a lazy, low key Sunday was exactly what I needed today. Only 1.470 steps till 8.40 pm. Well done! ;-)

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