A Day In Numbers

Let’s try this for a change to fill a editor window on my screen with some content for my next “Blog Every Day in November” challenge.

1 try was all I needed for perfect parallel parking. On the “wrong” side of the road even.

4 hours of sleep last night.
4th season of Outlander started and I liked it.

5th blog post in a row. Harder than I thought to be honest.
5 days till my next Frank Turner gig. (And a whole week off work to see even more gigs!)

10 minutes of mediation tonight. Thanks Calm App.

20 minutes later than usual, did I leave the house this morning.

81 g. The whole chocolate I ate tonight. 0 self control. I don’t want to think about the calories.

200 km of traffic jam in my state this morning. Very noticably for me unfortunately.

6137 steps did my Garmin Vivoactive counted today. So far…

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