A Day In The Life of a Biding Fangirl

Not a Travelling Fangirl at the moment, but a Fangirl all the same. I guess it’ll take some time after this tour to shed this “fangirl persona”, thinking and writing about music  – ok, who am I kidding, about Frank’s music in particular – all the time.  Or maybe not shed it and just keep doing it ;-)

My Monday in some words, numbers and scales from 1 – 10

Sleep (is for the week?): 4 h 50 minutes. Not enough! So a 4/10 on my scale if I’d have to rate it

Articles in my daily digital newspaper I’ve read today? None. Too busy and too tired.

Time spent in team meeting: Six hours. Add a few coffee breaks and a lunch break, and you can guess that not much other work has been done today. It was the big annual – planning / reviewing / budgeting – meeting, so it had to be done, but… it’s been a long day *sigh*

Too much Coffee, Cake & Chocolate? Yep! 9/10 at least. The cake at the team meeting was yummy and I was tired and felt like I needed all the coffee, but looking back now it was definitely over the top.

Moment I hit the wall of exhaustion? 17:12, which was bad, as I was still driving in my car. I also needed to attend a politics meeting tonight, which at least was less tiresome as I expected it to be.

Number of times I added some of Frank’s live “interjections” or updated lyrics to a song, while listening to a setlist playlist in my car today? Eight. At the least *g* Starting with “Three claps” (Blackout) over “Everybody jump, jump, jump, jump!” (The Next Storm) and “Arms up, Arms up” (The Way I Tend To Be) to the classic “One more fucking time” (The Road) and “Here we go” (I Still Believe). And many many more.

Number of times some of Frank’s lyrics popped up in my mind at the ‘right’ moment to make me pause? Two. “Don’t loose yourself by looking at your phone” and “We spent our energy getting angry instead of being kinder”

Been (More) Kind? 7/10 overall I’d say. Once again kinder to others than to myself, I’m afraid. I’m working on that. Constantly. Among other things by trying to get some more sleep tonight.

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2 Responses to A Day In The Life of a Biding Fangirl

  1. I’m not as totally committed a Frank fan as you but so often his lyrics pop into my mind as just the right words for the moment. Right now I’m in the first stages of grief after my mother died in September, so One Foot Before The Other (my dad even wanted to scatter my mum’s ashes in a river near where they met! Not quite a ‘drinking reservoir’ but close) and Brave Face are my earworms

  2. Susanne says:

    First of all: sorry for your loss! I always like to hear / know that other people can relate to and find comfort or inspiration in some lyrics, Frank’s or anyone else’s. Music has such a healing power and I’m so grateful for that.

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