Day 01 Of the Travelling Fangirl, November Edition

After the slighty annoying start to my trip the rest of the day went well. I got to the first stop of my – 5 gigs in 9 days – trip without much traffic. The first stop was Lingen, which is somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Lower Saxony. I’m not being very kind now. Yes it’s more rural than where I come from, but it’s still not too far off track. There isn’t a lot noteworthy about Lingen though, which even Frank seemed to have noticed doing his History / Fun Facts. The show was a lot of fun, with a few suprises and a lot of my favourites. Even Pup, the 2nd support are starting to grow on me ;-)

Day 1 in random stats and thoughts

Distance / Time in my car: 165 km / 1 h 55min

Stops on the road: 0

Caffeine intake: 2 regular cups at home + large on to go (in my reusable thermos) for the road.

Hydration: Didn’t keep track. Not enough though, so maybe a 4/10.

Random trivia: The city of Gescher is known for it’s bell work.

Windturbine farms along the road: I started counting too late, so I’d say 5 (at least. Mostly small ones)

Image of the day: (see feature pic) Nigel wearing the baseball hat, someone had thrown on stage.

Songs from my 10 songs list: 1. The Lifeboat (once more)

Songs that surprised me: Long Live The Queen (solo), Peggy Sang The Blues

Words that suprised me: I might have imagined it, but did Frank actually say “Einmal ist keinmal” instead of “One last time” when the audience sang “I Still Believe” back at him?

Been More Kind? 5/10, I’d say. I thought some pretty uncharitable thoughts, but at least I didn’t react to them (as in say something, roll my eyes, huff or be passive agressive in any other way)

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