Even less to say…

I can’t wait to get away from work for a week next week. It’s been so busy at the moment and I feel like I have to juggle to many balls and keep dropping a few on a regular basis. Let’s just hope I can switch my “work brain” off for the time I’m ‘on tour’ and live in the moment and not worry about work stuff from afar.

There has been a wonderful article about Sam Heughan and My Peak Challenge in a magazine called The Red Bulletin a few months ago. I had already read it online and I’m usually not someone who need to collect fan memorabilia, at least not about TV / movie stars anymore. But the MPC connection of this one made a difference, because even though I’m a slacker at the moment and have been for most of the year, I still consider myself a Peaker. Trying to do my best, incorporating that mindset. One step at a time.

I had almost forgotten about having ordered a copy of the magazine, so getting it in the mail today was a lovely surprise after another long and busy day at the office. 3 more to go. Then I’m “heading out to a punk show…”. Several in fact. I can’t wait.

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