Fangirl Back At Home (& Work)

I had originally planned to write the last Travelling Fangirl Posts for the last two days, but less than 30 hours after I came home I already can’t really be bothered. I had to be back at work today as I didn’t have any more vacation days left (except the ones for the Christmas holidays). My body seem to have been still in “tour mode” as I didn’t go to bed / sleep before 1:30 and then the alarm had to go off about 4 hours later. Help!

I wasn’t the most productive at work. Caught up on my emails, got updates on projects, ran interference. I also obviously totally blanked out that I needed to attend a meeting this afternoon / evening. My item was #11 (of 13) on the agenda. 10.5 hours day at work + 2×50 minutes of commute. Minus a 40 minutes lunch break, but still exhausting. On 4 hours of sleep and not enough caffeine.

I had planned to sort through my photos tonight and / or start writing about the amazing Felix Hagan & the Family and Arkells gig I saw in Hamburg on Sunday. But this will have to wait till tomorrow. Only tomorrow, I hope.

Now I will have some supper while watching a bit on TV (Vintage West Wing probably). If I’m up for it, I might even ponder some more why I’m still a bit thrown off when someone pays me a compliment or says genuinely nice things about me. But this also might be a part of the Felix Hagan / Arkells post, because a) it happened around that gig and b) I can relate to so many of Felix’ lyrics and even to quite a bit of the new Arkells songs. Which brings this post full circle. Sort of.

I might also still revel in the fact that the Arkells retweeted my “praising Felix Hagan & the Family” tweet. So so cool. (I’m such a fangirl, I can’t help it). To tide you over and if you haven’t already checked out this band? Here you go…

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