Fangirl “Under Pressure”

I had typed about 150 words of this post, when I accidently deleted all of those and as I hadn’t saved the post yet, everything was lost. Go Me! Maybe it was a good thing that after a long day and unfortunately only moderately productive day at the office, I cleary didn’t feel like I had the mental capacity to capture the awesomeness of a Felix Hagan & the Family gig (and music and lyrics) in my own words. I was clearly delusional yesterday when I thought I could do that today. For a while I was disappointed with myself for not being able to follow through with the plan. But then I remembered it didn’t really matter and that I don’t need to create this pressure for myself. I get and do that in other areas of my life more than enough already. This here is supposed to be my happy place. One of a few happy places at least.

I spent way too much time “in my own head” today as well and that’s exhausting. Worrying and Overthinking. Overthinking and Worrying. About insignificant stuff. About very surely imagined stuff. The human mind can be a bitch sometimes, right? At least I by now know that my mind with all the worrying and overthinking is just messing with me. Knowing it doesn’t always equal believing it though, if that makes any sense.

So instead of writing a musical blog post I sat down and typed some words in my private journal textfile trying to untangle some of the thoughts. Not sure if I  was very successful, but it was a good first step, I think.

Anyway, some random stats of the day

Sleep: 5h 15 min. Not nearly enough.

Hydration: 6/10. Not enough either.

Caffeine intake: A bit more than usual. (I need to think of a decent scale for this one).

On my feet: 4,55 km (~ 6.000 steps)

Books bought: One. (I’m a book nerd / addict, I can’t help myself)

Been more kind? 4/10 towards myself, 8/10 towards others.

[I might need to think of some more interesting stats for a boring normal work day]

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