“Let Go Of The Little Distractions…”

Hold close to the ones that you love,
Because we won’t all be here this time next year,
So while you can take a picture of us.
(Polaroid Picture ~ Frank Turner, 2013)

Driving home from work I contemplated what I should write about in my endeavour to “Blog Every Day in November”. I thought about giving you some more random statistics. Most probably would have mentioned how excited I was for my next two (!) Frank Turner shows – an instore and a regular one – tomorrow. Show #40 and #41 for me. WTF?!? Forty? Yep. Possibly whined about work a bit. Moaned about car maintenance costs. And then I got to my Mum’s and heard some sad news, which don’t directly affect me, but nonetheless made me pause. And still do.

Someone I didn’t really know very well personally, but have met a few times in the last 25 years and at least semi – regularily heard of through people I know, had gotten a cancer diagnosis earlier this year. Yesterday they died. 46 years old. FUCK! 

That really does put things like costly car maintenance or frustrating issues at work into perspective, doesn’t it? So, my friends: keep doing or start doing the things you always wanted to do.

Don’t postpone stuff for later, when you’ll be wiser / be richer / be calmer / have the time. 

Get in touch with that friend again. (I really suck at this one, I admit).

Take that trip.
Go to that gig!
Take that trip to go to that gig!

Sing! Dance!  (Only if this makes you happy, of course. But if it does, don’t be ashamed to “sing loud, especially if you can’t sing, dance like you don’t care at all.”)

Be something astounding. Do astounding things. Make those memories.

I’m afraid I might tear up a bit in about 25 hours, when they will end the final show in Europe with “Polaroid Picture”. I definitely expected to get a bit teary eyed when the show ends tomorrow because of the 40+1 gig thing and the end of this run of shows in Europe. But I’m afraid I might well up for quite different reasons now as well.

R.I.P.,  T.

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