No Impulse Control In Regards to Books

When I wrote about retiring my Kindle during my summer vacation, I had thought I would buy less books. Digital books and being online all the time basically made it so easy to buy an ebook. I think I might have bought more books since I decided to switch back to real paper books than during the last Kindle months or even years. I need help! Or not. There are days where I’m on Amazon for something completely different and see book advertises that looks interesting enough. And it’s only available as ebook and it’s really cheap, so… clicked and bought. This evening I was in a bookstore also for a different reason than buying books. But of course I had to have a look at the English Fiction section and this Georgette Heyer book was still on the shelves. Bam. Bought! I loved the three Heyer novels I have as audiobook narated by Richard Armitage and I thought I might enjoy those in written from as well. We’ll see.

I’ve got two books lying on my table, started and unfinshed because even though I liked the stories well enough so far, I feel like I’m just not in the mood for them right now. Without knowing what I actually am in the mood for. That’s probably why I’m buying all the books. No impulse control whatsoever.

Post #6, by the way.

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