Scatterbrain on Tour

I made it to Lingen. The first stop in my 5 gigs in 9 days Tour of Northern Germany. North of where I live anyway. I had planned to leave home around 2 pm, but it turned out to be around 2:45 when I finally hit the road. Why? Because I’m a terrible scatterbrain sometimes.

The plan was to drop off some things at the Local Greens office, drop by my Mum’s to leave my keys and the left over food and then hit the road.

When I left the Greens office I realized I most probably hadn’t turned off my computer at home. Instead of to my mum I drove back to my place and indeed, the computer was still on. Oh well, these things happen and I was glad I remember it in time. Next stop was my mum’s. I deposited the left over food, had some cake and a nice chat and then took off. Down the road I realized I had my keys (flat, mailbox etc) still in my pocket. So I turned around and dropped them off at her house. On my way out of town 2 minutes later I realised I didn’t pack my hearing protection earplugs at home. So, yes, I had to pick up my keys at my mum’s, her to my flat, get the earplugs and get back to my mum’s to drop off the keys. Again. Bro3 met me on the street “to save me some time” and yes of course he was snickering, when I realized I hadn’t put keys into my pocket but left them on the seat in my car.

It’s a wonder I even made it to Lingen with all my stuff. The tickets most of all.

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