Travelling Fangirl, November 2018 Edition – Day 07

I have a good excuse for not posting for the last two days. On Friday I was fangirling pretty hardcore and yesterday my friend Amanda who had come over from Manchester for “Double Feature Frank Day” and I were out exploring and doing tourist-y stuff. I was kind of a crappy guide though. Ooops.

“Double Feature Frank Day” was pretty awesome. We only got a spot a the back of the record store for the gig, but that was fine, as it was a tiny room. We only saw the actual show at the 4.000 capacity venue from the back of the room as well and that was fine too. It was a great gig, I thought. The people around us had lots of fun, which sometimes isn’t the case in the back of the room. It was also quite nice to see how impressed and touched Frank was about the amount of people who showed up for a gig in Germany.

Sleep: Not quite 6 hours.

Breakfast: 8/10. At the Cafe & Bar Celona again, this time with Amanda in tow.

Caffeine intake: same as the day before: Large cappuchino at breakfast and a grande Caramel Macchiato in the afternoon.

Hydration: 7/10. at least it felt ok, especially before / during / after the gig.

On my feet: ~ 16,5 km (22.035 steps)

Songs from my 10 songs list: “Sailor’s Boots” at the instore. Yay! It had been a request (not from me this time) and he had almost forgotten about it, but then he played “Plain Sailing Weather” and remembered the request *ggg*

Songs that surprised me: To hear “Sailor’s Boots” so soon again to be honest.

Favourite Moment: Quite a few from watching Frank interact with everyone in the “signing / photo” queue. I’ve written about that earlier this year, when I was able to experience that in Swindon. Absolute favourite moment though: Frank’s joyous “OMG, it’s you!” reaction, when Amanda told him where they had ‘met’ before.

Been More Kind? 7/10. I could have made a bit more effort with some people, I think.

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