Very Tired Fangirl…

I’m still quite busy at work, like usual at the end of a year. Finishing projects, deadlines, planning new projects. I left work early-ish today, because I had to attend a local council committee meeting at home. Which was an extra meeting because of deadlines for funding applications. I took home some of the files I should have read for a work meeting tommorrow. I thought I might read them here at home in the evening. Hahahahaha… Seriously, that was a stupid idea. The local council meeting lasted over 2 hours. I did some shopping, checked on my mum, got home, had some dinner, while watching the West Wing S1 finale.

On my way to work this morning I listened to Felix Hagan & the Family and had thought I might finally start working on my blog post about the gig in Hamburg two weeks ago and why I love their music so much and had so much fun at the gig. Hahahahahahaha, again.

I need the weekend to arrive. ASAP! And now I’ll possibly wind down a bit with some colouring and then go to bed early. For real today.

Only  stats for today: At this time of day 56 days (8weeks) from now  I’ll have landed in Manchester to see another Frank Turner show. Or two. :-)

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