Change of Plans – Day 02

Napping and having meals on a weird schedule can really mess with your sleep cycle. Having a cold doesn’t help with getting a restful night of sleep either. So when my stomach was growling at 1 in the morning I got out of bed, got a bowl of muesli and watch some West Wing. Don’t judge me.

It’s been a rather uneventful day besides that. I slept or at least spent time in bed. Watching / listening to both Tom Ellis panels from MagicCon 2018. Dozed. Napped a bit. Cancelled plans I had for tomorrow. Ventured out for another quick trip to the shops in the afternoon. Couch. TV. Writing a bit of my “Looking back on 2018” post, so I felt at least a bit productive. I’ve also realized the latest Rachael Lucas novel is out as ebook at least, so I downloaded that as well and hopefully my head will feel clear enough to read a bit of that tonight.

Just one (large) cup of coffee. Too much chocolate (comfort food). This really isn’t how I wanted to spend my time off. If I sound whiny here, you’ve got that absolutely right.

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