Change of Plans

I had a few plans for these days after Christmas, when I’m off work. Nothing spectacular, but rather ordinary stuff. Sort out some of messy corners of my flat. Write a “Looking back on 2018” post. Maybe get a work out in to ease myself into “My Peak Challenge 2019”.

On the 25th I had a bit of a sore throat, but felt OK otherwise. Yesterday though I felt a stupid cold settling into mostly my head, a bit in the throat and chest. Last night was crap and it didn’t get any better today. Duh, how should it magically over night?

I had an appointment with my hairdresser this morning, went to the shops and the pharmacy, stopped by my mum real quick. Since then I spent my time on the couch in front of TV at first, in bed (dozing, sleeping, feeling sorry for myself) later. Back on the couch & TV for some dinner and now I’m going back to bed.

Not the way I pictured my Christmas holidays to go. Ugh!

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