Day 2 of my Christmas Vacation

I slept a little over 7 hours, which was ok. I didn’t go to bed until after 3 in the night, so it was a late morning after all. Yesterday I spent all day writing a post about what I hope for or expect from the book Frank Turner has written on songwriting. I had been thinking about this post for a while and spent literally all of yesterday from morning till late late night writing it. I finally went to bed when I realized I wasn’t really happy with what I had written so far and that it was still all over the place and I needed to possibly approach it from a different angle.

Today I kept thinking about that on and off throughout the day and tried a different approach tonight. It still needs a lot of work, but there is no hurry, and there is no use in putting myself under pressure unnecessarily. While I was thinking about Frank’s (song)writing process I was reflecting on how I go about my writing and that was insightful in a way. So at least something good came from the day in front of my keyboard and screen. The weather sucked as well yesterday, so I didn’t really miss a lot outside :-)

Today I had also planned to get some of the chores around the flat done to feel at least somewhat productive. After a lazy morning with watching a current Frank interview while enjoying my coffee, I instead decided to drive to one of the larger cities in my area to do some last-minute Christmas shopping. It was much less stressful than I had feared it would be. It’s a good thing I know my way around and don’t mind walking for a few minutes, so I easily found a free of charge parking a bit outside of the shopping streets. I got all the items I wanted to buy. I did not buy any new books for myself. Go me!

This morning I gave up on reading “Crazy Rich Asians”. I had seen this novel in so many shops over the past few months / years and never really was interested until I saw a trailer for the movie based on the novel and it looked interesting enough. So I bought the book some time ago and started reading a few days ago. And it started out interesting and entertaining enough, but after a while it started to bother me and to be honest bore me to read the elaborate description of how over the top the accomodations and clothes and lifestyle of the “crazy rich” people in Singapore are. I caught myself skimming whole paragraphs and that’s not the way I want to read a novel. So I put it back on the shelf for now. A few days ago “Lesson: Part 2” was delivered to my Kindle and as soon as I’ll have skimmed through Part 1 to remember where we left off, I’ll happily get back to Downey House.

I’ve also continued my rerun of “West Wing” as background noise so to speak to my writing and reading and stuff. There are so many other shows in my Netflix / Prime queue, but at the moment I can’t be bothered to be honest. Last but not least: When I looked up a Frank Turner clip on Youtube to send to some friends, I came across at least one current interview I hadn’t known about yet. So of course I watched that one. It’s 10 minutes long and he’s talked about some interesting stuff. Not really anything newsworthy for me at this point, but… I learned two new English words in the process! This always makes me smile, because even before I became a fan of Frank I considered the extent of my English vocabulary to be quite good. But then this Englishman comes along and uses two words I never heard before. In one single sentence even. “There are people who are in a hurry to jettison that and think that it’s something cheek and exciting and tittilating…”. And I went “What?!?!” *g*

Now it’s after 1 in the morning again, so I better finish this up, grab my Kindle and head to bed.

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