Random December Thoughts

I almost put “Fangirl” in the header of this post, but then thought better of it. I’d be overdoing it, wouldn’t I? I made it through November, with lots of stuff going on at work, but also lots of amazing, memorable fangirling. Either way I’ve been busy and exhausted and I sort of begin to understand one of my older colleague’s decision to go into partial retiring, by cutting down hours, because the two days off on the weekend aren’t enough to regenerate. I’ve had to attend a few politics meetings in my home town this week as well and that of course also cut into my free time. My christmas vacation can’t come soon enough. Three more weeks at work…

So far I spent my free time this weekend quite lazy. Getting enough sleep, doing some shoping for boring houshold items (replace broken laundry basket, get new blinds for kitchen windows). Watching vintage “The West Wing”, because my mind feels to exhausted and unfocused for episodes of current shows, where I need to pay more attention. Right now – while typing this – I’m rewatching the last weeks Outlander episode though. I had watched it earlier this week, but my mind wasn’t really in it (tired and unfocused). I enjoy season 4 so far even with all the changes they made. I’ve made peace with the necessity for changes a long time ago. The books are the books and the show is the show and that’s fine. And Sam and Caitriona are still so very perfect for my favourite book couple.

Talking about books: I’ve started various novels from the ones on my shelf over the past few weeks and none felt quite right. Not bad writing nor story nor boring characters. It still didn’t ‘click’. I hope to be in a mood for them at some other time. Right now I’m back to reading contemporary romance novels, which I hope are easier to get into. Mind-numbing maybe in a way, but I think that’s what I need. And all I can digest anyway.

I’ve also obviously started blogging again and even if I didn’t Blog Every Day In November (#BEDN) and I really enjoyed it and I’m planning to keep it up. I’m not sure yet with what kind of “daily” content though. The time slept / caffeine intake / random other stats idea wears itself out after a while, I think. So let’s just see how this goes.

And look, a whole post without a single reference to a “skinny half-arsed English country singer”. That’s got to mean something :-)

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