Last Day of the Year

5 hours of sleep. No wonder, when you a) go to bed very late and not even with a good reason. b) You can’t fall asleep because your mind is whirring. Again for apparently no good reason. And c) you can’t sleep in too late because the shops close at 14:00. If the long line of cars inching forward on the supermarket parking lot was any indication, I wasn’t the only one who needed to buy a few things before the shops close for 1.5 days. I turned around, parked my car in a side street and walked over. I don’t know if that saved me any time, but at least the hassle of doing circles on the parking lot hunting for a free spot.

On my way home I stopped at my mum’s to check in, but also because I promised my brother who’s living next door to her, to book something for him with my credit card, because he doesn’t have one. Yes, there are adults in the 21st century who don’t have a credit card, because they say, they don’t have any use for one. Unless…. they need one, because they can only make use of a discounted price for their ski rental via a credit card. Then those adults call their little sister.

Finally back home around 12:30. Finally some coffee. Some food. I had from start of the day planned to postpone breakfast till I get back, but I had no idea it would take me so long. Anyway: Outlander, episode 4.09. Bree and Jamie finally meet and it’s just as wonderful as I remember that moment so well from the books. The rest of the episode also was very well done, even though for a bookreader like me this episode felt a bit cramped with events. I know they have to condense the story, but woah, what a rollercoaster ride.

Some more dawdling, some more crafting (aka drawing up mood / habit trackers in my not really “Bullet Journal” – Journal). Playing Words With Friends 2 on my phone for a while, which I had reinstalled after a long time of abscence. If you’re on it, my user name is: dennasus. (not a suprise, I think). And then all of a sudden, my body tells me it’s time for a nap! I usually don’t nap, because I used to have a difficult time to shut off my mind and fall asleep during the day. A lack of sleep and this persistent sinus / chest infection is wearing me out though, so I easily nap for about 90 minutes. Marvellous.

I should probably have used the remaining hours of this year to get on with the mess in my flat, while I’m sitting at home ringing in the new year on my own, but I really couldn’t be bothered. In general I like to spend the last night of the year with friends and there was a time when I even enjoyed being at clubs dancing (and drinking) and after midnight out on the streets doing or rather watching fireworks. But that was like 10 – 15 years ago. I’m getting old ;-) But I don’t really mind staying home either. The only thing that bothers me most about it to be honest is, that it sounds so boring to have done, when in the next couple of days everybody’s asking everybody else how they spent New Year’s Eve. To look boring is a stupid reason to be bothered about, isn’t it? So I just shouldn’t care.

I spent over an hour on Youtube watching the Tom Ellis panels at MagicCon again, because when I did that a few days ago I was basically just listening to the audio, as my eyes were so tired. He is such a great guy and I’m really looking forward to his visit of MagicCon 2019.

Last mishap for the year: all of a sudden I made my iPod stop working when I touched the control button with a slightly wet finger while I was preparing some food. (WTF? I have no idea) I’m going to post this now and spend the rest of the night on my couch: with more West Wing, more junk food, because staying home sick must allow for something.

I hope you all have a lovely start into 2019!

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